About the Horizon Point
Site-Specific Weather System

Horizon Point is an educational program of the University of Missouri Commercial Agriculture Program that is designed to make precise weather information available to Missouri farmers in a way that assists them in managing their business. Site-specific weather reports and advisories are sent to participating farmers via quickly downloaded emails.

When farmers subscribe to Horizon Point, they provide an email address where reports are periodically sent and the precise location of their farm. The farmers also choose what advisories they want to receive and the frequency of their emailed reports.

Horizon Point is a custom weather analysis system for Missouri farmers. The weather information comes either from the National Weather Service or the Missouri Commercial Agriculture Automated Weather Station Network. The advisories process this weather information through research-based models to provide the best available, site-specific management information to farmers.

Site-specific weather information contained in Horizon Point reports include:

  • Precipitation
    • Historical and Forecasted
    • Probability and Quantity
  • Temperature
    • Historical and Forecasted
    • Minimum and Maximum
  • Wind Forecast
    • Speed and Direction
    • 3-hour Increments

Advisories use research-based information provided by plant and animal scientists and agricultural engineers. Chosen advisories are sent only in the seasons when they are appropriate. For example, soil temperatures are important in the spring for planting and the fall for fall applied fertilizer management. Soil temperature advisories are not sent during the summer when they are not critical to any management decision. Current advisories available include:

  • Planting Depth Soil Temperature
  • Weed Scouting Aid
  • Stored Grain Management Moisture Table
  • Design Storm Report
  • PRF Rainfall Index Monitor
  • Insect Scouting Aids
  • Fall Nitrogen Application Chart
  • Rainfall Runoff Estimator
  • Animal Comfort Indices

The emailed reports contain hyperlinks to management information such as weed seedling pictures and how to use equilibrium moisture content to maintain stored grain quality.

Horizon Point subscribers are given a secure account page where they can manage such selections as email frequency and which advisories are received. Farmers can also access archives of site-specific daily reports for the last month.

For more information about the Horizon Point system,
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